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联邦杀虫剂、杀真菌剂和灭鼠剂法案(FIFRA)是管理美国的联邦法规.S. pesticide regulation. Generally speaking, 农药被定义为用于预防的物质或物质的混合物, destroying, repelling, or mitigating any pest. In order for a pesticide product to be sold or distributed in the U.S., it must be pre-approved and registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), each individual state and U.S. territory. 钱柜平台 helps companies register, 更新和维护其产品在联邦(EPA FIFRA注册)和在产品上市州的注册.

Understanding federal pesticide requirements

EPA将农药分为不同的类别,在申请联邦/ FIFRA注册和更新时,每个类别都有必须满足的具体数据要求:

  • Antimicrobials – These substances include disinfectants, sanitizers, preservatives, virucides, 和杀菌剂,用于控制微生物,如细菌的生长, viruses, or fungi.
  • Biopesticides -这些产品来自具有杀虫剂作用的天然材料. 有三种类型:生化、微生物和植物合成保护剂(pip)。. These products are inherently less toxic, affect only the target pest and are used in very small quantities.
  • Conventional pesticides -这些除害剂通常是综合生产的,用于控制各种害虫,如杂草, insects, fungi, and rodents.
  • Pesticide device registration -这些装置的杀虫活性是由于物理或机械作用,或由于物质或物质混合物.

应该注意的是,与食品或食品接触表面接触的农药需要额外的批准,如耐药或耐药豁免,以解决表面和作物上的残留物. These tolerance assessments address human exposure.

Addressing state pesticide regulations

Upon EPA approval, 农药必须在每个州和地区进行注册,在那里它们将被分销或销售,每个州都有自己的关于农药的法律. Find out more about state regulations...

钱柜平台 can help

钱柜手机版可以协助导航美国联邦农药法规的所有领域.S. including:

  • Developing a comprehensive product/pesticide registration strategy
  • Represent and advocate on behalf of companies with regulators
  • 准备和提交联邦注册和更新,确保符合EPA FIFRA
  • Developing product labels
  • Preparing and submitting inert petitions
  • Placement and monitoring of studies with contract research labs (CRO)
  • Preparing data waivers and rationales
  • Responding to re-evaluation of pesticide products
  • Conducting compliance audits
  • In-house training

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Why 钱柜平台

钱柜平台为企业提供高质量的钱柜平台服务. We aim to understand our clients' goals and objectives, 了解项目的科学和技术方面,并预见合规方面的挑战,以规划前进的战略路径. 钱柜平台的专家团队以截止日期为中心,响应并致力于专业. We have the utmost respect for the confidentiality of our work, strong project management skills, 并大力培养与客户的长期合作关系.

Our professionals

钱柜平台拥有一支由科学家和监管顾问组成的团队,负责管理产品注册的各个方面, lifecycle management and strategic planning with our customers. Key professionals working with pesticides include Abigail WacekLisa Amadio, and Micah Reynolds, and in our state team Kelly Rahn and Mandi Daun.

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  • Any substance or mixture of substances intended for preventing, destroying, repelling, or mitigating any pest
  • 用作植物调节剂的任何物质或物质混合物, defoliant, or desiccant
  • Any nitrogen stabilizer

获得联邦注册所涉及的时间长短取决于许多因素,例如产品的建议用途, 产品的配方和如何满足数据要求. 通过在初次提交时提交质量包,并在审查过程中与EPA携手合作,可以避免延误. 钱柜平台可以提供准备农药申请包的时间估计,以及EPA提交申请包后审核该申请包的时间估计.

EPA农药注册所需的数据要求取决于建议的产品用途,包括位置和标签上的声明. 建议产品的配方也会影响所需数据的类型. 有很多方法可以满足数据需求,比如数据引用, waiver rationales and lab generation. The data requirements for pesticides can be found in 40 CFR Part 158. 钱柜平台可以通过注册策略评估文档或数据差距分析,为您的建议产品提供特定的数据需求列表.

在环保局注册农药的成本和费用根据很多因素有很大的不同. These factors include how the product will be used (for example, public health vs non-public health), the formulation of the product (for example, EPA数据库中新的活性成分与现有活性成分的对比), and how the data requirements will be addressed (for example, data citation vs lab generation). 钱柜平台可以根据要求提供特定于提议产品的成本估算.

农药在EPA的注册必须在其生命周期内通过各种义务进行维护. EPA requires annual maintenance fees to be paid per product. Furthermore, if EPA issues a data call-in that is applicable to your product, the data call-in must be addressed by the product registrant. Occasionally, EPA在数据调用之外发布了其他标签和数据命令,这些也必须被处理. Lastly, if a registrant owns an EPA-registered establishment facility, 年度报告是维持企业注册的必要条件. 钱柜平台可以协助公司完成上述任务以及其他EPA义务.

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